Water Leak Detection Services
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Water Leak Detection Services
No one appreciates leaking pipes. But their occurrence is more common than you think. The worst part is that such water leaks can take place at any time. And if one can't detect them early on, it could lead to serious issues and inconveniences.

Infinity Plumbing is here to assist you in this rather unappreciative situation. As your trustworthy plumbing specialist serving near you, I will provide you professional plumbing leak detection services as well as pipe repair and replacements, wherever the need arises.

Having successfully worked on so many projects previously, I believe to have the expertise and know-hows needed to end your plumbing leakage issue once and for all.
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Detecting Water Leakage Problems.

Checking the water metre, making note of the reading and checking it again half an hour later. If the reading increases, then it is a clear sign that an underground water pipe has broken.

Another good way to check for potential water leakage is to check your water bills. If you notice a large increase in water usage, it could indicate an underground leakage issue.

Moreover, water pooling in strange areas or lush spots in the backyard also points out to a possible leaking pipe issue.

Leaving these water leakage issues unattended will eventually affect the structural integrity of your property. Plus allowing water to pool both inside and outside your property will also bring about issues of mould and bacterial growth.

To avoid all this, speak to me whenever you want and schedule a visit at your suitable time.

I operate 7-days a week and all through the year across Western Sydney, Hills District & Hawkesbury.

I Also Use Quality Plumbing Leakage Detection Technology

As the first step, I will turn off all appliances which use water such as taps, washing machines, toilets and so on.

Besides these usual methods of determining plumbing leakage issues at your property; I alternatively use quality leakage detection technology to locate leaks underneath soils concrete slabs and within walls.

They Are As Follows -

Acoustic Listening Equipment

This technology amplifies the sound of water leaks within walls or underneath concrete slabs/soils. Using it, I will try to accurately estimate a water leak’s location prior to digging.

Soil Probes

Soil probe devices is one simple medium to listen to pressurized water shooting into the dirt, surrounding water mains or sewer lines.

Video Inspection Equipment

Small cameras allow clear visuals of everything that's happening inside pipes. These devices can help retrieve items like car keys, rings and others from drainpipes. Measuring how much cable went down the pipe before spotting the leak presents an accurate diagnose of the pipeline problems and calculates the leak’s location.

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If the root of your leakage issue is due to a damaged pipeline, then repairing them will require appropriate supply of repairing copper, PVC, concrete, cast iron- depending on the type of pipe.

However, that is not something for you to worry about. I will take care of all that and accordingly perform the necessary water leak repairs to prevent mould growth or structural damage.