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Solar Water Heater Repair & Maintenance Services
• Is your solar water heater not working as well as it should?
• Do you need a licensed and reliable plumbing specialist to perform its necessary solar water heating system maintenance and repair?

If so, then I (Troy) can be of your assistance!

Typically, your solar water heater does call for very little maintenance. That said, it is very crucial for you to properly inspect your solar water heating system at least once a year to ensure it is in good operating condition.

Well- maintained solar water heaters prove to be top-tier solutions that help considerably cut down your energy bills and lets you save 50% or more of your every month's utility spending.

But as good as your solar water heating system may be, it most certainly is not immune to damage or malfunctioning.

The good news however is that I will be more than happy to visit your place at your time of convenience and perform the inspection myself.

I have been delivering solar water heater repair services with maintenance for over 2-decades for all sector-clients across Western Sydney, Hills District & Hawkesbury.

And on hiring me, I will reach your place and conduct my comprehensive inspection of all your solar water heater's components.
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My Inspection Checklist Entails The Following

Visually checking for shading of the collectors during the day (mid-morning, noon, and mid-afternoon) on an annual basis

Checking the collector soiling and performing the necessary cleaning particularly if it has been exposed to the dry, dusty climate

Looking for cracks in the collector glazing, checking to see if seals are in good condition and also removing plastic glazing if it has yellowed excessively

Checking pipe connectors for fluid leaks as well as properly examining duct connections and seals

Sealing the ducts in a mastic compound and also ensuring all the wires are well tightened

Looking for damage or degradation of insulation covering pipes, ducts, and wiring

Inspecting roof penetrations by flashing and using good quality sealant around roof penetrations

Properly checking all nuts and bolts attaching the collectors to ensure proper support structures

Ensuring the pressure relief valve is not stuck open or closed

Ensuring dampeners open and close properly

Verifying whether the distribution pumps or blowers (fans) are operating by listening if they come on when the sun shines on the collectors post mid-morning. No sound could mean either the pump, blower or controller has malfunctioned and requires repairs

Checking storage tanks, etc., for cracks, leaks, rust, or other signs of corrosion

Replacing antifreeze solutions in liquid (hydronic) solar heating collectors and advising homeowners to do the same periodically

What’s more, as your reliable plumber serving in and across your residing suburbs, I have worked with solar water heater units of all models and brands like BOSCH, Rinnai, Wilson, Vulcan, Dux and lots more.

So, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about.

GET IN TOUCH Whenever You're Ready

If you want to gather more information about my solar water heater repairs and maintenance services, then unhesitantly get in touch with me at your suitable time.

I will be more than happy to answer your questions and grant you closure and peace of mind.

So, CALL ME whenever you see fit!