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Rain Water Tanks Installation & Repairs
The method of harvesting rainwater in tanks is a popular method of storing water in several households and buildings. They are used to carry out daily household chores like watering plants, bathing, farming/irrigation, washing clothes, washing cars, and more.

Moreover, this accumulated water is properly processed and made palatable prior to be used as drinking water.

Typically, placing your rain water tank at your rooftop proves to be the perfect method of accumulating rain water. The pooled rainwater is carried to the container or its respective storage system through the roof gutter and then through a pipe.

Keeping true to all this, I at Infinity Plumbing also deliver you quality rain water tank installation and repair services be it above ground or underground depending on your requirements.

Over my tenure, I have installed a full range of rain water tanks for several of my clients. Plus, I ensure that all work I do aptly complies with the applicable local council and local building regulations.
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What Includes?

I can install water tank pumps, septic tanks (or all sizes), downpipe kits, Filter, Leaf Strainers, water diverter and so on.

Moreover, if you are not sure what exactly you require, give me a call and I will recommend which new tank you should opt for. Once you have decided, I will come down to your location at your convenient time and install it appropriately.

How You Benefit From Our Rainwater Tank Installation

Low Maintenance Costs:

Once our rainwater tank system is up and running, you won't have to bother about needing to invest more money to keep it working. Moreover as all of the functions are automated, you don't even have to tend to it regularly.

Lower Water Bills:

On installing a quality and durable rainwater tank system in your home, it will function in conjunction with your original plumbing system. This allows for controlled consumption of water and even results in significant savings for the rest of the year.

Versatile Use:

It's no surprise that rainwater is widely used for washing dishes and clothes, flushing toilets, watering gardens and for irrigation purposes. By adding a rainwater system to your set-up you can reap its many versatile uses on a consistent basis.

In addition to properly installing your chosen rainwater tank to your property; I  will also handle all its rain water tank repairs whenever necessary from time to time.

With the passage of time, all rainwater tanks suffer from noticeable signs of wear and tear. On finding that the damage is too severe to repair, I will instead replace the old worn out water tank with a newer model.


All rainwater and septic tank repair and installation services are presented at competitive industry adhering rates.

Of course prices will vary as per the size of the tank and the amount of work to be done for it. But rest assured that it will prove very reasonable for your wallets.

So without wasting time, CONTACT ME to discuss all your specific needs!  I serve across Western Sydney, Hills District & Hawkesbury