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Grease Trap Installation Services
Infinity Plumbing confidently offers grease trap installation services to suit your needs.

We can confidently offer cleaning and pump out services to ensure your grease trap is operating effectively.

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How My Grease Trap Installation Benefits Your Restaurant/Food Business?

Compliance with Grease Regulations

One of the primary reasons to install a grease trap is to make your restaurant or food service comply with the levied local and federal grease regulations. Concerned municipal authorities make it mandatory for all food service set-ups to install a grease trap mainly for the purpose of eliminating or reducing sewer overflows and preventing blockage in the drainage pipes.

Plumbing Maintenance

If your restaurant is devoid of a grease trap; there’s a good chance that all that grease will amass inside the pipes and drains and eventually result in an unwanted blockage. Surely that's something you don't want. Fortunately, installing a quality and lasting grease trap will prevent any clogs from taking place.


Without a grease trap, the grease will accumulate in the pumping stations, sewer collectors, and in wastewater treatment plants. All this can result in overflowing from sewers and manholes and resultantly raise safety and health concerns for everyone in the neighborhood. To prevent all this having a grease trap installed becomes all the more crucial for everyone's well-being.

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