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Blocked drains
Over time, drains have a tendency to clog or block up.

While dirt and grime and even small twigs are typically known to cause these unappreciative drainage blocks, other culprits in the form of soaps, grease, and detergent foam build-ups also slow down the free-flowing nature of your sewer lines.

It is precisely why proper unblocking and maintenance is key to keeping your sewer line clear and functional. Neglecting it will eventually result in a major problems and a potential sewer rebuild.

We have the necessary equipment to deal with any stubborn blockage. We insert a CCTV camera inside the drain to get clear visuals of what is blocking the drain or sewer line. Then back this up with putting the high pressure jetter into the line to move the blockage or potentially break up tree roots.
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The Process of Clearing Blocked Drains

Typically the first process of clearing out a blocked drain pipe is proper drainage. I will use plungers and drain cleaning liquids on the blocked drain to see if they make any difference.

But if the block is too severe, then I will use my extensive range of tools designed specifically for clearing such drains. I will use high pressure water jet which forces any blockages to loosen and clear out from your pipes.

What's more, I will also electric eels and even a CCTV camera to aptly inspect the filth accumulation and determine the degree of cleaning it will require.

In simple terms, I possess all the tools and knowledge one needs to unblock your drain and make it free-flowing in no-time.

So, regardless of whether you have a clogged toilet drain or a jammed sewer pipeline invaded by roots / small saplings, I have the appropriate unblocking solutions to clear your drain completely.


A blocked drain is no fun. To unblock them in super quick time, CALL ME at your suitable time.

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